Understanding how git stores a single commit internally (behind the scene).

When we talk about the DevOps tool, the very first thing which came to our mind is git. Git is the most powerful distributed version control system which was developed by Linus Torvalds (a Finnish-American software engineer) in 2005. Since then git has evolved a lot and became the most essential part of developers' life.

This blog does not deals with the introductory part of git, I expect you to have clear understanding of some basic git commands like git init, git add, git commit .

As we all know git is basically responsible for tracking and storing all the…

Understanding the Asynchronous concept in JS by relating it to real life.

Photo by Arnold Francisca on Unsplash

Asynchronous in JavaScript is the most confusing but yet most interesting and important concept that is being introduced in JavaScript. It gives the special power and strength to the JS.

In this section, we will deal with Asynchronous JavaScript and it’s a Fairly Advanced Topic. I have tried my best to make this topic more simple and easier to understand by adding real-life situations to this concept.

To understand the Asynchronous JavaScript it's really important to know about the Synchronous and Asynchronous Programming model.

Synchronous Programming Model

If we write multiple lines of code and try to execute those code then in Synchronous…

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